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If you’ve forgotten your password, simply enter the email address that you signed up to the program with into the form on the login page and click ‘forgot password’ –  your password will be sent to you so you can start viewing the courses right away!

[accessally_is_logged_in]If you’re brand new to Teresa’s work, you’re already logged into the Overcomers Academy Dashboard! Simply click here to go to the dashboard.

You should also receive a welcome email from [email protected] containing your login information. If you don’t see it within 30 minutes or so, be sure to check your junk mail folder. If that doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll make sure it gets sent to you. [/accessally_is_logged_in]

​​​Everything you need to know is in the Overcomers Academy Members Area on my website at You’ll either have been directed there immediately upon completing your initial registration (if you’re new to Teresa’s work), but if not, we’ve sent you a welcome email that includes your login information.

If for some reason you don’t receive that email, you can simply visit and click on the ‘Forgot password?’ link to have a new password sent to you.

Once you’re logged in you’ll land on a dashboard for the Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Academy. where you’ll find all of the content you have access to. The courses you can start right away will shown in a purple-colored icon. The icons in gray are courses you will be able to access as you work through the lessons in order (a new course will open up as you complete the pre-requisite course).

Step 1 - IMPORTANT!!

Once you get to the dashboard, listen to the Welcome video. Then, click the Facebook tab on the red menu at the top of the page (or if you prefer, click HERE to go to the group now and request to join). That will take you to Facebook. Once you’ve logged into Facebook, this link will take you right into the Overcomers group where you’ll need to request to join and answer the three questions there. It’s important for us to identify you as someone who has purchased our program, so do answer these questions – especially if your name or email is different on Facebook from how you joined the group. For any assistance with your access send an email to [email protected].

Step 2

Once you’ve completed the Facebook Group join request, return to the Overcomers Academy Dashboard. Navigate to the Journey to Transformation course. Watch the first video there, the Success Path to Transformation. This helps you understand more about why we have set the courses up to be completed in a certain order.

Step 3

There are more than 20 courses in this video library. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin. So we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. We have arranged the course so that you know exactly where to begin. The courses are arranged in the sequence we think will benefit you the most. The next course will open when you’ve completed each lesson in the first course. Be sure you’ve checked that you’ve completed the necessary items in order to move forward.

Journey to Transformation is my foundational course so that is why we have everyone start there. It will help you understand key elements in how I coach. Once you’ve completed any course it will remain open so you can revisit the lessons. JTT is definitely one we need to come back to again and again.

We suggest you do at least one lesson a week. With any course, please use the private FB group as the place to ask questions, post insights, post challenges and even post what you’ve learned. As more people come into the group, not everyone will be on the same course. But many will have gone through the course you’re going through.

Step 4

Make Sure We Can Reach You!

Sometimes emails get hung up in filters or email servers (especially if you use Gmail) – to ensure you receive the launch email, be sure that [email protected] is added to your email contact list so your program info ends up in your inbox. How to do this will be different depending on your email software, but generally, it’s sort of a ‘File/New/Contact’ (or something to that effect).

If You Signed Up with a Gmail Address…

Gmail can be quirky (very quirky). We want to make sure that emails from Teresa Shields Parker get to your primary inbox and don’t get caught up in filters. It only takes two steps:

Step One: Log into your Gmail account and open up the Promotions tab – if you see the email from [email protected] there, simply click and drag it into the Primary tab.
Step Two: When prompted, click “yes” to have all emails from [email protected] moved automatically into your Primary tab.

If our emails are being routed into your Gmail spam folder, simply click on the email and then click the button above labeled ‘Not Spam’. This should add our email to your whitelist in Gmail. That’s it!

Step 5

If you have questions about any aspect of Overcomers Academy or payment issues, please send an email to [email protected].

I’m so excited you are joining us on this journey. Fasten your seat belts for the ride of your life!

I’ll see you in the Academy!

Sweet Grace for Your Journey,


Teresa Shields Parker