Understanding how my emotional issues related to my physical and spiritual issues was huge on my journey. It was the most important element on my journey for not just losing weight, because that is very physical, but keeping the weight off by changing my lifestyle.

I had to learn how my issues that seemed just physical really had to do with emotional connections to food that I learned very early in my life. Then those emotional connections related to how I saw God. Even though I knew spiritual truths and had both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theology, head knowledge does not change your feelings.

Identifying those, using the principles of forgiveness, renouncing the lies God will treat me that way and hearing His truth were really what helped sustain me and continues to move me forward on this journey.

Applying these freedom principles to my life helped me understand that God has already set me free in all areas, but there are some areas I don’t really want to be free in. Embracing that is the first step to freedom. Denying its existence is the same as digging ourselves deeper into our emotional quagmires.

It will help you keep your place if you go in order with these videos. However, you can skip around if you wish. Listen passively while you are doing other things if that works best. Then go back and listen again and do the action steps.


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