Lesson 9 – Roots of Shame

Shame is likely one of the earliest roots we face. It can happen in so many different ways. It makes us feel less than, unworthy, unloveable and unable to move from where we are to take any step towards our destiny. Shame usually hits at the very strength we need to move towards our destiny.

Pulling these roots will help us connect better with God, ourselves and others. It will help us move from thinking we have to have that pan of brownies to feel better. If we eradicate shame and embrace who God designed us to be, watch out world!

Challenge Post

What are the labels you have been wearing since childhood? Are you the good sister, the bad girl, the stupid kid, the fat kid, the teacher’s pet, the dummie, the brains or like me, the stupid baby? Think about how this label has negatively affected you. Make a firm decision to reject this label and any others you have adopted.

Say: Father God, I hand you the label(s) of _____________________. I have been wearing this for way too long. I no longer need or want this label.

Father God, as I hand this to you, can you tell me, “How do You see me?”
Write down what He tells you.

If it is a strong word to help you go forward, adapt it as your affirmation or choose one or more from the 77 Affirmations list. Choose at least one affirmation to speak over yourself every day for 21 days.

77 Affirmations

Action Steps:

What is the root of your shame? The way you grew up? Something someone said or did to you? Something you did? Hand this to Jesus and ask Him what do you give me in exchange to get through this issue?

Tell God, “I hand You my shame. Please take the shame from me and thrown it hem into the deepest ocean. Teach me how to embrace who I am and connect more with others. Teach me the value of being vulnerable.”

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Objectives for this Lesson


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