Lesson 2 – Change is a Scary Subject

Change is a scary subject because we know for it to work it takes us taking steps forward progressively changing as we go. It’s not all on God’s shoulders because we must participate as well and that’s where the scary part comes in. We must surrender to God to lead us forward, but we can’t just lay back and do nothing. We must go where He leads.

Change Challenge Post

Post your before pix, that’s your picture today. It can also be a recent photo if you wish to use that.  I do suggest you take both a front and side photo. If you don’t want to post both those that’s fine. But take them and keep them somewhere safe.

I know this has also been a challenge in the JTT unit, but it really helps us own where we are today. So everyone can do this. You’ll be glad you have this before picture when you get to your goal and take your after pix.

Post your before pix in the challenge section under my before and after pix.

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Objectives for this Lesson


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