Pre-Lesson – Success Path to Transformation

For those of you who have already taken Journey to Transformation or for new folks who choose to do that, this unit is the same as that course’s first unit. It is a foundational unit I want all new members to take. Please listen to this lesson first.

It’s always helpful to listen to this lesson again and take the poll to show where you are now. New folks, please do take the poll which is in the FB group.

Before we embark on any journey, we have to understand our destination and the landmarks along the way to let us know we are headed in the right direction. Identifying what stage we are on in the Success Path will help us understand where we are headed.

All the courses in the dashboard are divided into stages. Stop Eating Your Emotions is a stage 3 course, but it will help you no matter were you are on the journey.

Where Are You on the Journey?

After listening to the video and studying the diagram choose what stage you are at. Note that you must be able to say you have done all three steps under each stage to be moving to the next. If there is one you cannot answer yes to, then you are still in that stage.


1. Wishful Thinker

I accept that I need to lose weight

I want a quick and easy way to lose weight, but I know there isn’t one

I dream of being smaller physically

2. Willing Owner

 I define and own my issue with food

 I repent and surrender this issue to God

 I am committed to total lifestyle change

3. Watchful Learner

 I am learning how to change through discipline

 I am following my stop-starts in order to change my habits

 I losing weight and becoming accountable to myself and God

4. Wholehearted Traveler

Through experience I know how to deal with difficulties on my journey

I am dealing with the roots of my emotional overeating

I am following what God tells me and shows me to do with exercise and eating


 I have mastered my journey with God’s help

My stop0-starts have become daily habits

 I am stepping into my destiny

Go to the Overcomers Facebook Group and share on the poll where you are on the success path or post in the comments below

IMPORTANT: The course lessons are designed to build on each other, so I always advise to complete each of the Objectives, then put a check beside each so you can keep track of which lessons you've completed. That said, feel free to tackle the lessons in any order you wish. If you have any questions at all, please let us know at [email protected].

Objectives for this Lesson


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