Lesson 1 – Body, Soul and Spirit

To understand more of why we eat to try to cover up our emotions, we have to understand that we are not just a body. We are three parts: body, soul and spirit. All three parts have to work together in the right order for us to begin to deal with the issues presented and start eating for optimal health and well-being rather than out of a need to avoid emotions we don’t know how to deal with

Your Challenge for this lesson is to download the Body, Soul, Spirit wheel and color it in according to where you think you are. Then either take a pix of it and share or just share the numbers under the post. Mine were Body-1, Soul-5 and Spirit-9. Other Action Steps are at the end of the transcript.

REMEMBER: Once you've checked off all of the objectives, REFRESH the page to get access to the next lesson.

Objectives for this Lesson


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