Lesson 4 – Negative Thought Patterns

Our own thoughts can be some of the biggest obstacles on our journey. It was certainly true for me, Negative thought patterns develop early so they are hard to detect. My thoughts would partner with the evil ones suggestions. Have you ever noticed when this thought process is going through your mind, it’s like you are a third party watching it play out. So it’s your thoughts and the devil’s lies that are going back and forth in your mind.

There is a way to stop this from continuing to happen, but it takes recognizing it and working to replace it with the positive, good thought.

​Answer the following questions:

  • What is a thought that needs to die in your life?
  • What difficulties has it caused?
  • What other thoughts are associated with it. Write about that. Do creative journaling where you put that main thought in the center of your paper and from that draw lines out connecting other thoughts or situations that involve that thought.
  • Ask God to show you the good thought you need to replace it with. It doesn’t have to be scripture but for me that was what stood out to me. Write that down.
  • Use this as your positive affirmation to repeat several times a day for 21 days and then for 42 more days. By then it should be firmly rooted in your mind.

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Objectives for this Lesson


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