Lesson 2 – The Food Relationship

Think about an nswer the following questions:

Where did you learn your relationship with food?

How would you describe that relationship?

How will you change that relationship?

What would a godly relationship with food look like?

Will you surrender the addictive foods to God?

Do the Action Steps:

  • List what foods are addictive to you.
  • Hand each one to God and ask what do you give me in exchange? Write that down on a separate piece of paper or page in your journal.
  • Now take the list of addictive foods you are surrendering to God and do something with it to indicate your intent. Burn the list or tear it up and put in the same can where you throw your food-related garbage.
  • Even if you can’t totally give it all up right now, do this action to indicate your desire to be free of the foods you are in bondage to.


Share what your insights from the questions and what you did in the action step, in the comments below or in the Facebook Group.

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Objectives for this Lesson


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