Lesson 6 – Changing Habits with Stop-Start

This journey is more than a simple diet change. This journey is all about changing our habits. A habit is simply a routine or shortcut our brains use to conserve energy. We are creatures of habit, but our brains don’t know a good habit from a bad. Our brains only know there are certain things we do every day the same way at about the same time.

We cannot do away with a habit, but we can replace it with a good habit. In this lesson we will talk about what that looks like and how to do that.

Challenge Post

Make a poster or write on a page in your journal, the Stop-Start you are working on this week and underneath that, the positive affirmation you are repeating every day this week 5-7 times a day. Post a picture in the Facebook Group under the challenge post. See example below.

Objectives for this Lesson


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