Lesson 5 – Time for Surrender

This is the pivotal lesson in our Journey to Transformation course. If you get this piece, you will be able to go forward towards losing weight and keeping it off. If not, you will still struggle. Everything we’ve done so far has been to get us here. From here it will be learning more about the how-to’s on our personal journey. Spend some time with this lesson. It’s important!

We are instruments in our own transformations. God is the construction engineer. We work with Him to voice what we want our final product to look like and He throws in His desires for us as  well as starting to tell us how to make that happen.

Some of what we need to get rid of to make our bodies function like we’ve dreamed of, may not be anything we thought about on our weight loss journey.  Things like bad habits, fears, wrong thinking patterns, failure mindsets, avoidance of emotions, lack of faith and trust in God, perfectionist tendencies and so much more must be discarded before we can hope to become the person we dreamed of and God intends us to be.

God has a design for our lives far above what we could ever imagine or guess or request in our wildest dreams! (Ephesians 3:20 MSG).

Challenge Post

Write something to mark this time or take a photo of something significant in the spot where you are when you do this or draw a picture or make a word graph or a collage or choose a symbol to represent what you did or even a piece of jewelry. Then share this in the Facebook group or comments on the website. Share what you did and what happened as well as your closure picture, story, or what ever you choose to create to remember this time. If you can’t post a pic just share with us in words what you did.

Objectives for this Lesson


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