Lesson 3 – Dreams Do Come True

There is a greater purpose for us than just this present moment. God is up to something and we can either get on board or stay living in the land of nothing. The land of nothing is the land of no thing.

We have no thing to which we are headed except just to eat whatever we want, whenever we want, however much we want. No direction leaves us spinning our wheels getting nowhere.

God has marvelous dreams for us. As a matter of fact His dreams for us are much bigger than ours ever will be. How do we get there?

Watch the video and then come back to read this which is more information about how I’d like you to do your vision board. Find a picture of yourself when you were at a size that you’d like to get back to and use that as the center of what you’re going to develop as a vision board. Of course, you can copy the picture or cut a pix from a magazine if you don’t have a pix of yourself.

Use a small poster board or piece of construction paper as the base. This is a simple and fun exercise to do that can make a profound difference in your life.

You need several different kinds of magazines maybe women’s magazines, Christian magazines, Home and Garden. They can be anything you have around the house. They go through and just cut or tear out words, pictures, headlines, that grab your attention.

Don’t think it through. Just do it’s really better if you don’t think about it. If you don’t have magazines, search your favorite online magazines and then when you find a picture or headline, print it out, then cut it out. You’re just going to randomly arrange the pix and words on your vision board. You can use markers and other things to write words or draw pictures. Just glue or tape those words or pictures to your vision board.

Then hang it somewhere where so you can look at it and remember and see what God is doing in your life.

My Dream Come True

Left, my wedding day in 1977. Right, 2013, the day I fit back into that wedding dress after losing 250 pounds. How can my excitement in 2013 excel that of 1977? I don’t know, but it sure did! I had a dream. It was a long time coming, but I saw it fulfilled!

Objectives for this Lesson


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