Lesson 11 – Overcoming Discouragement

We all get discouraged on our journeys. How do we get through that? Hint: It’s really not so much physical as it is spiritual. This message includes some tips to help you keep going even when everything within you wants to give up!

Challenge Post

Find a new song that you will turn to in order to sing your way through discouragement. Post the Youtube link to your song in comments under the challenge post on Facebook. Share why this song is encouraging to you. You’ll find mine below and on the Facebook page.

Share in the FB Group or on the website anything that was really important that you learned during this session.

One of my songs is Chris Tomlin’s “Nobody Love Me Like You Do.” When I am discouraged, I begin to believe God has forgotten about me. This song reminds He certainly hasn’t forgotten me because He loves me like nobody else!

Objectives for this Lesson


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