Lesson 10 – Fighting for the Real Me

There is a war waging inside you, all around you and in heaven. It’s for the real you, the you God created you to be. The war is for your destiny. The evil wants to thwart your destiny. From the moment you are born he is plotting ways for you to get your focus off of God and on your own desires and wants. If he can’t do it any other way, he will do it through food. Don’t worry, though, God is on your side and He will lead you to victory.

Challenge Post

Write a paragraph, poem or do a graphic or collage entitled something like, The Real Me. This can include what parts of you, you feel are now hidden and what parts you feel God wants to bring out of you. It may be a transformation post. This might be a time you weighed less and acknowledged your gifts and talents and saw more of the real you. It might have been a time when you were young and more open to dreaming. Then contrast that with today. For an example, here is my poem titled The Girl Inside Me. You can also find it on my blog.

Objectives for this Lesson


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