Lesson 1 – Commitment and Acceptance

Before anything can happen on this journey we have to accept where we are. We have to accept we need help. There is a process even to acceptance. Commitment, though, is probably an even bigger issue for us. We have a tendency to say we are committing to something, but having no intention to see it through to the end. In this lesson, commitment will be integral, but so will acceptance. They go hand in hand for success on our Journey to Transformation.

This unit has a HUGE challenge included. In the picture below I’m giving you a hint. Yep, that’s me at 430 lbs. By the way, you’re special because I rarely show the sideview pix because I hate it even more than the front view, but that’s where I was when I started my Journey to Transformation. This challenge is worth 20 points and must be posted in the Facebook Group! It is an important one so don’t miss it. Find the details of the challenge below.

Challenge Post

The Big Challenge for this Lesson is to post your before picture in the Facebook group. This can be you right now or you at your highest weight. A full length pic is best. This challenge is to accept where you are now. It also helps for you to have this documentation of where you are right now. So keep this picture in a safe place when you are ready to make your before-after picture comparison.

Objectives for this Lesson


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